The reason why Be off foods


In fact, The be off or spoiled food cannot be consumed due to the quality of food changes. The changes may occur both physically, chemically and microorganisms which may cause harm to consumers. Food spoilage is loss of nutrition that you should abandon and avoid consuming it.

 If you do not consume all of your meal, I suggest placing it in the refrigerator. However, there are several downsides to consuming the meal the next day after storing it overnight. According to the National Cancer Institute, the Department of Medicine, and the Ministry of Public Health, improper storage, such as in a refrigerator that is not cold enough, can enable germs to proliferate and release toxins that are extremely hazardous to your health and cause diarrhea.

In Thailand, the main reason for food spoilage is hot since Thailand is located in the tropics near the equator. The country’s climate is characterized by hot and humid conditions. Across the country, Thailand average temperatures are between 18 – 38 degrees Celsius. When water vapor and moisture are exposed to heat in the air causing spoilage in the cooked food.

I would list the top two food the easily to be off and the technique to prevent it as follows:

1.     Food that has the main ingredients as a coconut milk

            There are Thai dishes whose primary component is coconut milk. Whether it’s savory cuisine like green curry or panang curry, or sweet food like coconut milk-based sweets. Coconut milk’s microorganisms are readily spoiled. Every restaurant should have a responsibility to its consumers by verifying the flavor and smell of their cuisine before serving it. If the properties of food have altered or if it smells terrible, it has become spoilt and must be discarded. In order to prevent microbial contamination that causes food to deteriorate, the ladle must be used separately when scooping out a specific dish.

2.     Seafood

During hot weather, the microorganisms in seafood, especially fish and shellfish, grow rapidly. Pick up the raw ingredients by hand if the seafood restaurant is dirty, unhygienic, and already prepared. It will increase the food’s susceptibility to spoilage. If the ingredients are not sanitized, clients may be at risk for food poisoning, dysentery, and severe diarrhea. To limit the possibility of microbial growth that might induce diarrhea, the restaurant should keep seafood at temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius.

All information in regards to food spoilage is provided, including the cause, the sorts of food that decay readily, and the preventative measures. To avoid diarrhea, I recommend purchasing meals from a restaurant that uses the clean cook method. However, I also recommend that you obtain expat health insurance in Thailand through Rabbit Care, as if you become ill due to eating expired food, the insurer will cover your medical and hospitalization expenses. Numerous insurance company partners are available, each with a unique plan and coverage, allowing you to compare and pick the most appropriate one.


Let’s enjoy Thai food and acquire Expat Health Insurance for further protection!