The principle of thermocouple work in electric heater

What is the principle of thermocouple in electric heater? Let’s talk about it. First, electric heater thermocouple work principle: two non-same ingredients (referred to as thermocouple material or thermoelectric electrodes) two heads, when the bonding temperature changes, occurs in the loop Electric potential, this appearance is called the thermoelectric effect, and this electromotive force is referred to as thermoelectric motion; the thermocouple is the temperature measurement of the temperature measured using this principle, and directly serves as a working end of the temperature of the measurement medium, and the other end is called cold Ded; the cold end is connected to the appearance of the appearance or the outer surface, and the electric space heaters appearance of the appearance will indicate the thermoelectric force of the thermocouple. Second, the thermocouple is actually a energy converter, which converts thermal energy into electric energy, with the electric power temperature, and the electric potential of the thermocouple, should pay attention to the following questions: 1, thermoelectric electricity Even the electromotive force is the difference between the two temperature functions of the thermocouple, the function of the two temperature differences between the thermocouple; 2, the power of the electric power in the thermocouple, when the data of the thermocouple is uniform, and the length of the thermocouple and Non-diameter, the ingredients of the thermocouple and the temperature difference between the two heads; ] 4. If the temperature of the thermocouple cold end must be defined, this thermal electrocouple is only a single value function of the operating temperature temperature. The above is about the precautions for the thermocouple work principle and electromotive force in electric heaters, I hope to help everyone.