Seeing the Invisible Christ Through Spiritual Perception – From the Crystal Sea – Part 11

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We started this thesis following the Apostle Paul’s report on his own journey into the 3rd Heaven, which was our introduction to the 4th Dimension. Paul could not share everything he learned because he did not have a second witness. The discovery he did report was; “There is a natural body, and there is a Spiritual body” (1st Corinthians 15:44). The natural body is controlled by our natural carnal brain. The Spiritual body is the expression of the ‘Mind of Christ.’ The scriptures tell us that “we have the Mind of Christ” (1st Corinthians 2:16), but the Mind of Christ is not in the brain, and in my own spiritual experience, I had not understood how to let the Mind of Christ be my own mind. Our goal in these explorations is to locate ‘the Mind of Christ’ and to discover how to “let it be” our own mind.

These studies are directed to Believing Christians who christian mysticism believe that there is more to Christianity than ‘going to Heaven’ when you die. The 1st Epistle of John 2:12-14, reveals that there are three categories of Believers. The first level consists of those characterized as little children – those who believe that their sins are forgiven and are going to Heaven. There are two other levels to explore for those who wish to understand that our assignment is to establish a ‘beach head’ for God’s Kingdom, on this earth. Our ministry goes beyond simply ‘being saved.’

This part of my individual journey started one morning when I awoke hearing myself saying, “Aurora Borealis.” This made such a powerful impression on me that I went to the Public Library to see what they had on the subject. They helped me select a book that was a very detailed report on ‘Aurora Research’ by a German man named Theodore Doubler. Mr. Doubler wrote an Epic Poem containing thirty-three thousand (33,000) verses expounding his powerful argument that the origin of the Earth was part of the Sun. He concluded that the molten core of the earth is the MEMORY of the earth’s once being part of the Sun. When spiritually applied to our own life, the Aurora becomes a Testimony of our own individual Sonship (Sun ship). There I said in one sentence what he said in 33,000 verses.

Our Personal Aurora: The Mystery of the Kingdom

Because my individual interest is spiritually based, Mr. Doubler’s life research led me to the conclusion that since the planet Earth has a self-generated aurora, then our own body (formed from the earth) also has an individual Spiritual Aurora, which some people refer to as aura. And our Aurora is our individual, invisible Spiritual body as Paul said in 1st Corinthians 15:44. So, I have set about to confirm my thesis that there are ‘secret’ messages (for those of us who are seeking His Kingdom in our individual earth) in each parable Jesus taught.

I have found to my satisfaction that the ‘secret symbol’ of the Aurora, in our Bible, is the continuing Presence of the ‘Cloud.’ The ‘Cloud’ has always been the symbol of the Spiritual Presence of God’s Kingdom, beginning with Noah and continuing through the Scriptures to The Revelation 14. The Presence of our Covenant God was symbolized in the Cloud. It lead Israel through the wilderness and covered the Tabernacle and temporarily covered Solomon’s Temple. My study for months has been on the Cloud ‘Presence’ of God with Israel. It covered the Tabernacle until The Tabernacle was set up at Gilgal in the Promise Land, and then the Cloud disappeared. God removed the Cloud from His “Promise believing people” so that they would discover that His Presence was within them wherever they were, even in Babylon. The visible Cloud departed and did not return until It covered the Mount of Transfiguration. The Mountain symbolized a higher dimensional government than the people were aware of.