New version of Google Analytics: using Analytics for your website

A new version of Google Analytics was recently announced and released in beta. According to Google, the purpose of this new version is to make it easier and faster to access the data you need and to improve the Google Analytics platform to provide important new features. This release is the most important change in analytics over a year and brings some exciting new features. These are some of the best new features you can use to help monitor your website.
Track changes in site statistics using Google Analytics Intelligence

The most obvious change in Google Analytics is where the interface and various elements are located. An example of this is that the depth of the visit and the length of the visit are compromised. However, one of the most important changes is the splitting of analytical data between reports and intelligence on the main toolbar.
The Reports section shows all the analytical data that experienced users expect, albeit in a slightly different new format. However, the intelligence section, as Google says, is a great way to monitor website traffic for significant statistical fluctuations and automatically generate alerts when those fluctuations occur. This is a new feature. What do you mean? This makes it easy and quick to see major changes to your site’s analytics, such as bounce rate and traffic. Google Intelligence lists all these changes in one place as a series of alerts and ranks them according to their importance (although the importance of the various statistics is significant to the business model and website behavior. Obviously it depends).
This makes  TikTok Analytics Platform it much easier to monitor the performance of your site without having to crawl myriad pages to get information manually.
In addition to these automatic alerts, you can also set up manual alerts that alert you when certain statistics fall or exceed certain levels. This is a great way to track important statistics and it’s a good idea to set up personal alerts using business-related criteria.
Get the most out of Google Analytics: Summary

The new Google Analytics interface may not be innovative, but it’s worth understanding. The new design means it’s a great idea to explore over time, and the new features mean it’s worth a little experimentation. The design correlates data in previously unthinkable ways. It is important to stop and consider why some statistics are juxtaposed and reflect their impact. The new version is groundbreaking, but of course there are other changes that many want, such as the integration of webmaster tools and analytics. But until then, remakes are a good step in the right direction.