Is cloud storage really secure?

More and more people begin to use cloud storage to store data, but some people will question whether cloud storage is safe? Practice has proved that cloud storage is safe. The data in the cloud storage system has integrity, including the integrity of data storage and use. The integrity of data storage refers to that the cloud storage service provider completely saves the data in the cloud according to the user’s requirements without any loss or damage. Integrity when using data means that when a user uses a certain data, the data has not been forged or tampered with by anyone.

Let’s introduce the security of cloud storage data!

Can cloud storage be attacked by hackers?

Nothing which includes cloud storage may be hundred-percentage protected from the hazard of hacking. But positive varieties of facts want to be to be had to the hackers to hack cloud storage accounts, which can be indexed below:

To get entry to the cloud account hacker ought to realize the password or encryption key.

If the account is logged in on numerous gadgets there may be a better chance that hackers can input the account.

Security patches ought to be complete; the absence of a safety patch ends in an expanded chance of hacking.

There are many different types of data in the storage system of cloud computing platform: documents, videos, pictures, e-mail and so on. In order to protect the privacy of users, more complex encryption algorithms are added. Of course, the reality that can not be ignored is that a large amount of resources of the cloud platform will be consumed, which will greatly reduce the efficiency of the whole cloud platform and naturally increase the cost; However, if relatively simple encryption algorithms are used for the data, the data may be leaked in the process of storage or processing on the cloud platform. For users, the security and importance of each kind of data are different, because the importance of the information involved in these data is different. If you want to set a data security strategy for the cloud platform, you need to connect the privacy level of data with the privacy level of users. The above data are classified according to the importance, which can be based on the importance and sensitivity of the data. TeraBox cloud storage has complex security encryption algorithms for various data, which can effectively prevent hackers’ intrusion. It is one of the most secure cloud storage.

Cloud storage self-protection

In order to maximize the security of cloud storage, it is best to combine the characteristics of these different methods at the same time. Before uploading data to the cloud, use your own encryption software to encrypt it. Then upload the encoded file to the cloud. When accessing the file again, log in to the service, then download and decrypt it by yourself. Of course, this will prevent users from taking advantage of various cloud service functions, such as real-time editing of shared documents and searching cloud storage files. Companies that provide these cloud services may still modify those data, such as changing encrypted files before you download them.

How to choose the most secure cloud storage?

The solution to this query ought to be TeraBox. Because it gives the maximum steady 1 TB free cloud storage because it adopts the maximum rigorous safety setup. A very nicely-reputed cybersecurity software program organization, Trend Micro additionally vouch for TeraBox, which similarly provides to TeraBox’s credibility.

TeraBox account makes use of HTTPS transmission even as shifting the documents to or from the account which makes the cloud steady and guarded from any unauthorized person. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the safety protocol accompanied at some point of the enterprise for touchy documents. TeraBox additionally makes use of the identical to guard touchy facts.

TeraBox affords its customers with a completely unique area referred to as the Safe area. It is secured via way of means of a password along with 4 digits and might simplest be opened via way of means of the person him/herself or via way of means of people with whom the password is shared. Furthermore, customers can set the restriction for which they are able to get entry to the documents they’ve shared. Depending at the want, customers can pick out any of the subsequent options- by no means expire, 7 days, or 30 days.

What are the characteristics of TeraBox cloud storage?

In oder to offer unfastened 1024 GB of cloud safety storage, TeraBox makes use of modern generation to offer the first-class offerings to its customers. For instance, the servers are secured from the assaults of hackers with the assist of firewalls. Plus, the switch of the documents is hosted in a wholly separate, insulated area in order that an uncertified character/gadget can attain the facts of customers. TeraBox maintains the customers completely knowledgeable approximately their privateness coverage and phrases of use in order that the patron is aware of what he/she is signing up for.

The first-class element approximately TeraBox is that it now no longer simplest gives nicely-secured cloud storage area however additionally specializes in patron service. So, in case, a person is going through any troubles he/she will be able to absolutely write to TeraBox and get their troubles resolved conveniently. The presence of sturdy encryption complements safety and makes certain that during case an unauthorized character receives get entry to on your facts, he/she can be able to now no longer be capable of damage your documents. In addition, TeraBox makes use of extraction codes whilst the customers proportion documents to make sure that hackers can’t attain your facts. Henceforth, a person can securely save his/her touchy facts on TeraBox.

Final Words

By now we’ve got a completely clean concept of ways secure and person-pleasant TeraBox is! TeraBox gives one aspect that all of us search for and this is unfastened storage area. With TeraBox you may get entry to 1 TB of storage area for unfastened! A TeraBox person’s device is by no means quick of storage. You can begin your adventure with clean and steady storage and sharing of facts proper now via way of means of touring the legit internet site of TeraBox and down load TeraBox unfastened now!