How Digital Marketing Has Changed Post-COVID

This pandemic changed everyone’s lives in many ways. Even small businesses started to adjust to survive. Old business models no longer work. The inability to change is one of the reasons why some companies decided to stop operating. Since the pandemic started, many businesses moved online. Brick-and-mortar stores can’t operate as usual due to restrictions. Restaurants can only serve limited guests. Hence, most companies focused on digital marketing strategies to entice people who turned to online stores. Even digital marketing campaigns changed given the increase in competition. Hence, the services offered by a top-notch digital agency in Atlanta can go a long way to remain competitive, especially for those businesses in the metro Atlanta area. 

Without these experts, it’s impossible to go toe to toe with established companies. They have a strong marketing team. Apart from working with online marketing agencies, there are other changes companies implemented due to the pandemic. Here are some of them. 

Messaging has become more targeted 

Since many companies joined the online competition, standing out became a daunting task. Hence, it’s crucial to have a more targeted message. People should have a reason to patronize what the company offers. The brand should be strong enough for them to identify with the company over other choices. 

Content should be substantive

Everyone knows how critical content is in online marketing. The problem is that most people think of content as a technical endeavor only. Even if it works well for the search engine, it might fail when people don’t find it substantive enough. The goal is to publish something worth reading. The needs of the target audiences should be the priority. Failure to create content intended for human readers will harm the marketing campaign. 

Web design matters 

Some companies thought that no one cares about websites anymore. Social media is the priority since everyone uses this platform. In reality, social media isn’t enough. Many people still decide to look at further details on the website. They’re not confident with a few posts read on social media alone. A terrible web design might turn off potential buyers. 

Web design doesn’t refer to aesthetic appeal alone. It’s not only about how it looks like and how pretty the colors are. Web design includes ease in navigating the page. It’s also about the presentation of information. The goal is to convince anyone to buy the products and services after viewing the pages. Businesses should invest in web design. 

Making money off of COVID is a terrible idea 

Many companies realized that bad publicity isn’t always publicity. It’s a recurring problem among businesses over the years. They love to use tragedy and natural disasters to make money. COVID is another relevant issue that everyone knows about. Hence, many companies thought about using it as a way to sell products. They learned it the hard way. There’s never a correct way of utilizing COVID to make profits. There’s nothing wrong with sending a reminder to everyone to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic. However, using it to make money will backfire. 

Social media gimmicks work 

Since most people are at home, they start to run out of things to do. Therefore, companies started using social media to launch games and competitions. Social media gimmicks can gain people’s attention, and they help make the business more relevant. As long as everyone can participate and there are prizes at stake, expect significant participation. The idea is that the company isn’t always about selling products and services. There’s also an effort to entertain people and give back. 

Videos have to be more relevant 

Everyone knows that videos are popular, and many people prefer getting information through videos. They would rather watch funny videos than read long articles. The problem is everyone uses videos for advertising. It’s not enough to publish anything for people to consume. Videos have to provide more details and substance. There should be a balance between information and entertainment. Try to share the video link across platforms to increase viewership. Not everyone will decide to buy based on the video alone, but it’s an excellent start.   

Digital marketing will be a long-term effort 

Many companies learned things the hard way because of the pandemic. Some businesses didn’t even pay attention to digital marketing until this pandemic happened. Since nothing is certain, it helps to have a long-term effort. Regardless of what other global health crises will happen, the business will thrive. 

Ask for help from a reputable digital agency 

The competition will be more challenging in the future. Without the help of experts, standing out is impossible. More small business owners will realize the value of digital marketing and start online campaigns. It helps to have agencies around since they’ve been doing the job for a long time. They understand which strategies work. They also know how to overcome tough competition.  Finalize the terms of the partnership and hope for the best.